21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List

Maybe you are doing this program alone or maybe you have a partner in crime… one thing is for certain you need a 21 Day Fix Extreme shopping list!  More specifically a shopping list that breaks down the quantity of containers that some of these staple foods contain especially if you are doing the Countdown to Competition plan.  

I like purchasing in bulk and prepping in bulk.  It just works for us.  We keep things SIMPLE and rinse and repeat as much as possible.  So, when you are doing the countdown to competition plan and collectively eating stacks of chicken, eggs, and turkey meat as laid out in your meal plan, its nice to know how much to purchase when you go out shopping. 

So, I put together a few notes and photos to show you some of the comparable quantities. 

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: EGG WHITES

Lets start with the infamous EGG WHITES.   This is the hardest one for people to grasp and I think its because the thought of eating 8 egg whites is crazy!  Here are your equivalents:

A dozen of Eggs = 6 reds (2 whole eggs = 1 red)

2-3 hard boiled eggs with the yolk removed = 1 red (just depends on the size of eggs you purchase.  I stuff it in a red container and count that.)

1.5 cups of LIQUID eggs whites = 1 red (Double check your container.  It should have an equivalents chart.)

1 – 16oz container of liquid egg whites = 1.5 reds

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: CHICKEN TENDERLOINS

I find prepping (washing & trimming) is cut down significantly when using chicken tenderloins.  I get these 1 lb. packs from our grocery store and they work for us.  

1 pack = about 3 reds

3 tenderloins = 1 red

4.5oz of chopped chicken = 1 red

21 DFX Shopping List


21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: GROUND TURKEY MEAT

This one is easier. 

1 pack (1.25lb) of ground turkey meat = 5 reds

21 DFX Shopping List


21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: SHAKEOLOGY

1 Shakeology = 1 Red

21 DFX Shopping List

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: GREEN BEANS

20 Green Beans = 1 Green

1 (10oz) pack of Green Beans = 3 Green

21 DFX Shopping List

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: BROCCOLI

1 (16oz) pack of Frozen Broccoli = 4 Green

21 DFX Shopping List

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: CUCUMBER

1 large Cucumber = 2 Green

21 DFX Shopping List

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: SWEET PEPPERS

1 Sweet Pepper = 1 Green

21 DFX Shopping List

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: SWEET POTATOES

1 (32oz) bag of Cubed Fresh Sweet Pototoes = 6 yellows (when cooked)

21 DFX Shopping List

21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List: AVOCADO

The best news I heard when we did the Coach Test Group was that we could replace our tsps for Avocado on the Competition Plan!  Then, I heard it was a 1:1 ratio too. 

21 DFX Avocado

I hope that helps!  I know for us it was really hard trying to figure out the quantities on the Countdown to Competition meal plan because I was in the lowest bracket and Tommie was in the highest.  Combined it was a WHOLE LOT OF FOOD!

I’ll add more as I have them!

17 Responses to 21 Day Fix Extreme Shopping List

  1. Leslie this is so awesome! Starting 21DFX on Wednesday and I’m so glad I found this little gem! Thanks for the egg whites equivalent to 1 red!
    Also is the avocado only 1:1 in countdown to comp? It’s still 1/4 per blue in the regular meal plan right?

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Hi there! I was wondering where you shop to find that HUGE bag of pre-diced sweet potatoes. I am a lover of all things sweet potato but hate the tedious process of dicing them up! Thank you so much!

    • Kristina – I’m right there with you! Somethings are best in bulk and these are one of them. I get them at our wholestore here called BJs.

  3. thanks for the information this will be so helpful when going grocery shopping. I have a question after you cook your chicken tenderloins how long are they good for in a container in the fridge

    • Lynn – Not if you continue a clean eating lifestyle and treat yourself in moderation. The objective is to help create healthy habits for a LIFETIME. Not a quick fix or crash diet. Just keep maintaining a healthy diet and your progress will continue! Way to go!!!

  4. I have never done the 21 day fix, but recently purchased the 21 day fix extreme by accident. Are the nutrition plans very different between the 2? I want to make sure I stay consistent

    • They are very similar Whitney. The extreme just gets a little more extreme. It does allow for the occasional “treat”.

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