21 Day Fix Extreme Review

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

As you know, Tommie and I were selected for the OFFICIAL 21 Day Fix Extreme Coach Test Group!  Autumn Calabrese has done it again!  If you don’t remember, the 21 Day Fix was a HUGE fitness and nutrition hit when it was released in Feb. of 2014.  As one of the BEST selling programs that Beachbody has released to date, the 21 Day Fix sold out in 2 days and was on a back order / pre-order fulfillment process for over 2 months!  I know I was raving about it with everyone I met and as soon as others starting seeing results and achieving goals left and right, more and more people came knocking at the door.  If you haven’t read about this GENIUS system, check out my full 21 Day Fix review here.   

So, it was NO surprise when Beachbody released the news that they teamed up with Autumn again to bring us the 21 Day Fix Extreme!   Tommie and I attended the Leadership Retreat when they announced the BIG news and you could hear the roar of excitement for miles.  So when they reached out to us to be in their first Coach Test Group we were ECSTATIC !!  Seriously.  What an amazing opportunity.  

Check out this 21 Day Fix Extreme Review SNEAK PEEK: 


21 Day Fix Extreme Review: Overview

This new extreme version of the program will use the same concepts that are formed in the original 21 Day Fix but takes it up a few notches for a more advanced, extreme workout and meal planning system.   There will be NO CHEATS, NO TREATS, but there will be a whole lot of SWEAT!  If you are interested in an in depth recap of the differences with these programs, check out our 21 Days of Extreme recaps HERE!

Just like the 21 Day Fix, you will still get and use those lovely 7 color coded containers for your daily meals and portion control management.  These containers are all different sizes and colors.  What they’ve done is make it easy on you to determine which foods and how much of them you should be eating each day to reach your fitness goals.  Your container allowance per day is calculated based on your weight and an average calorie burn of 450 calories per workout (oh… did I mention you will be working HARD for that calorie burn… wait until we get to the workouts!).  This is what a typical “EXTREME” day looks like for someone on the lowest calorie plan (1200-1499).  That equates to the following container allowance:

3 Green – Vegetables

4 Red – Proteins

2 Purple – Fruits

2 Yellow – Starch/Carbs

1 Blue – Nuts & Cheese

1 Orange – Seeds & Dressings

2 tsp – Oils & Nut Butters

The same, right?  Where it is DIFFERENT, is what you actually get to put IN those containers. Basically, Autumn removed all the “questionable” unclean, high fat, or high sodium items from the original Fix.  What you need to realize though is making those slight changes really fine tune your nutrition and take your results up a notch!  

21 Day Fix Extreme Review: Meal Plan Options

There are 2 options that you can chose from when completing the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  

  • Extreme
  • Countdown to Competition

The Extreme plan is using the structure for all 21 Days.  Several of the Test Group members did the Extreme plan and got incredible results!  The 2nd option you have is to use the Countdown to Competition plan.  I explain what that is in my 21 Day Fix Competition Plan post but to give you an idea of what a “Comp” day would look like in terms of containers, here is what a competition day looks like for someone on the lowest calorie plan (1200-1499): 

3 Green – Vegetables

6 Red – Proteins

1 Yellow – Starch/Carbs

3 tsp – Coconut Oil (or 1 blue container of avocado)

On this plan, you will eat 8 times a day!  Because Tommie and I have a fairly clean diet and we wanted to be really challenged in this test group, we decided to complete the competition plan.  I won’t lie, it was hard on some days but the more we did it, the more we loved it, and eventually our bodies were craving smaller portions of food more frequently which sped up our metabolism and increased our results!   We highly recommend this plan if you are looking to get a shredded more defined look with your body.  If you can eat on a structure plan like this… we say go for it!  If anything, you can always revert back to the Extreme plan which is also very effective.  

A typical competition day looks something like this:

  • 6am – Protein & Carb
  • 8am – Protein (Shakeology)
  • 10am – Veggie
  • 12pm – Protein 
  • 2 pm – Veggie 
  • 4pm – Protein 
  • 6pm – Protein & Veggie
  • 8pm – Protein

With the 21 Day Fix Extreme Competition Plan, you will have 2 carb deplete days (“comp days”) and then you have a regular “extreme” eating day and then you carb deplete another  2 days followed by another “extreme” day, etc.  You do that for the first 18 days and then the last 3 days are all carb deplete days to really give you that chiseled look!  Check out my post here for more details on the Competition Plan.

21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition Plan



Another INCREDIBLE tool that I started to create is a place on my site for all of my recipes and ideas… CHECK OUT MY 21 DAY FIX EXTREME RECIPE PAGE.  (Under Construction!!) I promise you, you will NOT starve on this plan!  The food you consume is wholesome and delicious, and that there are a variety of ways to meet your needs each and everyday.  I’m adding to this page all the time and pinning more ideas on PINTEREST everyday to make it simple for people to get ideas and feel comfortable and confident that they can succeed with this program too!


TIP: Make your seasons and dressings in advance.  You can triple up on the recipes and have enough for the week.  This will cut the time down each night when preparing your dinner and meals for the next day!


SHAKEOLOGY is also included with your challenge pack bundle. It counts as a red container which is one of your proteins.  This makes one of those meals on your plan super easy to plan for!   The difference here though is that you will use water as your liquid base.  It’s ok… just keep telling yourself it is 21 days!  You’ve got this!

As for Treats?!  There are NO treats allowed with the Extreme plan.  If you are following this plan to a “T” which is what will give you maximum results then that means you will be removing all zings and treats from your meal plan for these 21 rewarding days!


So, if you’re thinking there isn’t really a difference between these programs, let me present to you the workouts!  While their naming convention remains the same, these workouts are just as described EXTREME!  They are going to work your body from head to toe.  You will be doing Plyo, Upper, Pilates, Lower, Cardio, and Dirty 30 (which I believe should be renamed to Shoulders) all with the use of WEIGHTS!  This is where things get turned up a bit as compared to the original 21 Day Fix workouts.  The use of weights with cardio routines like this really increase the intensity of your workouts and the calorie burn you produce because your muscles are engaged the entire time.  With the exception of Yoga, you will have weights in your hands 90% of the time.  The workouts were by far, my favorite part of this program.  They are THAT good!

21 Day Fix Extreme Workout Calendar


So, we’ve discussed the plan, the workouts and Shakeology… let’s talk about the RESULTS you can expect.  I love my Beachbody workouts.  I’ve completed InsanityInsanity Asylum (three times), P90X2, the Ultimate Reset (twice), Focus T25 P90X3Les Mills PUMP, Body Beast, PiYo, the 21 Day Fix, and Insanity Max:30!  If you are familiar with these programs, you know that that line up is no joke and means BUSINESS! 

Let me be the first to tell you, this program will deliver more results in less time than ANY of those!  Take a look at our results below.  The closest I’ve come to in terms of results was when I complete P90X3 but that was a 90 day program.  If you want something fast and effective, this is the program to go with without a doubt!

21 Day Fix Extreme Results



So, you can see that this is the REAL DEAL.  We really LOVED this program and see it as the next level for those who have already completed the 21 Day Fix or another one of our Beachbody programs.  It’s a great way to start something new and exciting but not have to commit to something that is 60 or 90 days long.  It’s effective so you see results and that makes you WANT to keep going.  We all know our bodies are made in the kitchen and what they’ve done here with this program is give you the tools you need to succeed quickly but do it in a manner that is sustainable.  

It is OUR goal as YOUR coach to get you the results you want and we want to help you!  If you would you like to join us and our members in our next 21 Day Fix Extreme challenge, please CONTACT me today or purchase your challenge pack below!  This is a great way to start a new fitness journey or shake up one you are already in!  I encourage you to go after your goals with all you have and do it in a healthy manner!  


*** If you are interested in this program and being part of our EXCLUSIVE 21 Day Fix Extreme Test Group, please CONTACT me!***

~Leslie Davis


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  2. What’s the “10 Minute Hardcore” workout you have listed on your calendar above? I didn’t see it listed in the base package or the upgrade. Thanks!

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