21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Planning

It’s been a long weekend for our family but its back to the grind… it’s time to DIAL THINGS IN!! I get so excited about starting new programs but this one in particular is EXTRA special since my husband and I had the honor of being in the official Coach Test Group back in September of 2014. We cannot wait to share our experience with others now and really help our members through this program!

Many tend to struggle with the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal planning aspect and we want to help share our experience and approach throughout the next 3 weeks.  The SIMPLE approach to this program is what makes it so great!  It takes people back to basics with good nutrition and daily exercise.  That’s a killer combination that DELIVERS results when executed properly.  Meal planning is going to be KEY so we are here to share our tips along the way. 

First up, FOOD!!! And a lot of it.  We are going to show you the in’s and out’s of making this work by keeping things SIMPLE. The name of this game is Rinse & Repeat! And here we go…. Day 1 starts in less than 6 hours!

21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Planning

If you are looking for other recipe ideas, take a look at my new EXTREME recipe section of my website.  I will be building this out daily as I create more and more recipes!!!  I hope you enjoy what we have so far!

~ Leslie & Tommie

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