Autumn Calabrese and the Beachbody nutrition team recently announced that there are new 21 Day Fix container updates for beverages.  These include bases often used to make your Shakeology and alcoholic beverages.   Previously most of these were categorized as a yellow container, but after a lot of thought and nutritional analysis, they have decided to make the following updates to better align with the container system.

21 Day Fix Beverages
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8oz. of Unsweetened Almond Milk = 1 tsp.
8oz. of Low fat Milk =  1 yellow & 1/2 tsp.
8oz. of Unsweetened Soy Milk = 1/2 red
8oz. of Unsweetened Coconut Milk = 1 tsp.
8oz. of Unsweetened Rice Milk = 1 yellow
8oz. of Unsweetened Coconut Water = 1/2 yellow


5oz. of Wine =  1 yellow
12oz 0f Light Beer = 1 yellow
12oz of Regular Beer = 1.5 yellow
1.5oz of Hard Alcohol = 1 yellow