No wonder I’m feeling kicks now. I have a tangy pomegranate growing in my belly!! I’m a few days behind with my bump update post but that just means I’m inching closer and closer to that half-way mark. That seems impossible but it’s indeed right around the corner.

There were a lot of great things that happened since my last update:

> No more morning sickness… not even late at night. I think I’ve finally jumped that hurdle!
> I started feeling the baby move
> I’m tapering for my first half marathon of the season coming up on Saturday!!!
> I’m on Day 31 of my 90 day workout program! Over a third of the way done but these next couple months will likely be a bit interesting as the belly continues to grow
> I picked out colors for the nursery. Neutral tones since we are holding strong and not finding out the gender which may be SUPER hard come next week when we have our anatomy scan. I’m going to try and look away. No guarantees though!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty amazing!

17 Week Bump
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