A little behind but I couldn’t forget to update you on our DILL PICKLE this week!
> first order of business…. my morning sickness seems to be lessening! I haven’t needed my bands in a week. It only gets bad around 8pm now and by that time I’m ready to relax and unwind anyway! I thought this day would never come.
> next…. I’m feeling great with my running and I’m still keeping up with P90X3. I’m in week 4
(Day 23) and although I can’t go nearly as hard and fast as I used to, I’m still doing it and damnit… that’s all that matters

> I scheduled our anatomy scan but we still aren’t finding out the gender. I still find that hard to believe given our personalities but we are holding strong!

> I’m enjoying food more which is also great. Still not a fan of chicken but eggs…. eggs are my best friend and about that sushi?!?! This kid is bound to LOVE sushi!

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